The project: Culture and preventive behavior 24/365

Mining Engineer and Master in PRL.

I have experience in underground mining (coal and potassium salts) from shift manager to director of Mine, which has allowed me to meet people and work in all areas.

I participated in various technical projects (collaborations with museums, suitability studies of new explosive) that force you to face difficulties present solutions.

I do not accept that accidents are due only a fatality. Experience has shown me that the effort brings success and that a full management company must cover the accident management.

Companies know nurturing of knowledge to employees, but the key is their awareness, the personal prevention culture. The final frontier is each person.

Your phone rings in the car, apart from knowing , you know , you should not TOUCH (knowledge) , you MUST DO WANT (awareness)

Handcrafted, exploring the ceiling with a steel bar; an action forbidden today

The project is simple, awareness and preventive culture 24/365 .

Awareness gives us the rules and takes us to comply voluntarily.

Awareness predisposes employees for courses and campaigns.

No one can convince anyone but oneself, the only option is to facilitate the self- belief .

I am also a voracious reader

In one of my courses

In "The Great Silence" I put all my experience working and reading .

It is a short story ( for affordable reading) , with intrigue ( to motivate reading ) and fair dose of logic and emotion so that your company can have a great tool that facilitates self- awareness of its employees.

You can download part of reading in pdf online ..

Boxes of books for a company

My clients are companies of all sectors and all sizes. The best endorsement are their opinions.

More "actuatu" actions are: "cast off " course or tales " Masai Mara", (in Spanish flag) all of them have passed the filter of my self- demand . To learn more about changing attitudes , about me, etc., the lower menu (only Spanish, click the flag) leads to the old website .

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