When I was first given the opportunity to read this book I thought it was going to be “another” book. When I started reading it I realised the approach was simpler, using an easy language. When I finished reading it I was impressed by the way a powerful message can be so easily delivered, and realised the power of the message was not so much in the words but the reflection the reader can do. I have read the book several times.

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Erwin Rahue, Vice-Chairman BC Europe South

By reading this book, I would like to help promote this change in each of us so that we all act more safely at all times.

Miguel Antoñanzas,
Chairman of E.ON España

I hope the book you have in your hands helps feed and enrich the discussion on the great importance of occupational risk prevention in the workplace and that reading it proves useful in undertaking your day-to-day activities.

GSK- Aranda Factory

It is a special book halfway between a novel and a prevention course that extends beyond the walls of the company and reaches everyday life. Let's enjoy this entertaining read and let it revitalise our will to continue doing good work each day.

The Management of Bunge España.

World Occupational Health and Safety Day 2012 will be observed on 28 April. Taking advantage of this event, Bunge Ibérica has decided to distribute a copy of the book “The Great Silence” to all its workers:a short, concise, easy-to-read novel, written especially by the author as an educational and awareness-raising element for occupational accident prevention. With this initiative, Bunge Ibérica aims to introduce an additional element to contribute to implementing our company’s “0 incidents” policy, contribute towards awareness and the change of conduct needed to reach our objectives. We encourage you to read this book carefully and hope it will help us all reflect on the best way in which each of us can apply the principles presented in it, not only in the workplace, but also on the outside.

Antonio Moreno Ucelay,
Director of the Prevention Service at Iberdrola

A very pleasant, easy-reading book, but that moves you to deep reflections, presenting key questions and making us face ourselves, our commitment to occupational risk prevention, our commitment to life.

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José Luis López de Silanes,
Chairman of Grupo CLH

A quick, simple book that uses a credible story that can be extrapolated to any other possible accident to make us think about the origins of occupational accidents and the role we all play in preventing them.

Àngel Fernández Homar,Tirme CEO

A simple, useful tool that includes all of the principles and basic concepts in the area of occupational risk prevention.

Juan Ramón García Secades,
Chairman of Grupo Hunosa

“The Great Silence” is valuable material as a “PPE”. A good tool for reflecting on safety, accidents and conduct, behaviours and habits, it will provide an invaluable service in training processes and safety campaigns.

Leonor Villaluenga Peña,
Chairwoman of the CPFPE, Construction Labour Foundation of Aragón.

Thank you very much for your contribution, on behalf of myself and of the students your book has connected with.

*** These opinions are expressed through book's prologues or e-mail.