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If prevention is so important why has such a bad press?

We needed a book to read , therefore, brief, clear and emotional,

that makes you think and makes you feel , which are the two real enginess of change and awareness

you want to share. You share what you know and feel important for yours.

Synopsis: Alex investigates the accident happened to his friend. He has the support of his old teacher who does not hesitate to resort. The research will give him a new way of seeing accidents and life. Also uncomfortable responses.

"The great silence" is a book between a novel and a course on prevention of occupational risks is. Short, agile, witty and fun. Written to be read even by those who read little.

A tool to help businesses in the awareness of its employees in an easy, cheap and effective way.


Wide range at reduced cost: Easier and cheaper than to organize a course for all staff

Credibility: support from an outside expert enjoys high credibility.

Beyond the gate: The initiative is not just into the company but shared with loved ones.

And back to the company: share it is an act of preventive culture.

The mission is accomplished.

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An accident seven hundred metres below ground


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… One after the other, the days go by like a slow-moving river until suddenly a scare makes you wake up with a start.

Even today I don’t know how I knew that that day was going to be different, I just knew. I only remember that the night seemed blacker and sadder than usual. And that it felt cold.

There was barely an hour to go before it would start getting light.

I got to the car park and they were all there, quieter and more hushed than ever, but roughly awoken by the raw truth.

The square was full of people when they should have been getting ready for the change of shift or going off to bed after their relief had finished.

And it was then that I no longer had any doubts: work was stopped. And stopping work meant one thing: a fatal accident in the mine…

Cigarette tips glowed in the darker areas, where my colleagues hid their tears. They moved in slow steps, sleepwalking, not knowing where to go.

They didn’t have anywhere to go now. Because now it was too late. Now there was nothing that could be done.

Darkness and silence reigned. So too, pain and sorrow.

Little groups of shadows talking in low voices. Miners in civvies, with no miners’ helmet or boots, no soul and no joy. No miners’ songs.

Tearful and simple giants, capable of tearing out the heart of the earth, capable of loving that tough work, stricken to the heart by an absurd loss.

One of their colleagues would never smile again…

In a daze, I parked the car and walked slowly towards the nearest group.

They’re the three questions that go around your head at these moments:

What’s happened?

How did it happen?

Who did it happen to?

But of the three, just one shines out like a beacon: