"The feedback is positive, people are talking of " Jingle Bells " ** - XAVIER RÚA , PRODUCTION DIRECTOR OF ICELAND SEAFOOD .

** Jingle Bells, understandable way to incidents or warnings that a job does not develop optimally.

Some say it is a course ... a weird one...

Why? Is it because it takes into account

that one who has been working (doing it well) deserves admiration and respect?

that to be listened to first you should catch their attention?

that exercises fix ideas better than words?

that humor is not discordant with rigor?

If so, the probably yes, "Drop Moorings" is a rare course .

ADOLFO thinks: " Cash course taught by a rare type "

" Very good reviews of employees with very positive feedback " - Laura Perez , head of training SEMI - GROUP ACS

When a company hires me to give the talk "Drop Moorings" I have great respect. I feel like I am in charge of the delivery of a delicate product, Knowledge, and I like to deliver it with acknowledgment.

This is further complicated under Prevention of Occupational Hazards.

Let' see what the starting point usually is:

People who attend courses and have already received some motivational talks and generally perceived as a waste of time.

The importance of accidents and health in general is well appreciated when you've already lost, not before.

And finally someone (me) who knows nothing of that particular work, will "teach" better perform that particular job who is doing it every day, sometimes for years, and with a remarkable degree of efficiency.

That is often the reality and should not avoid her but face it. Acceptance of this, is the starting point of a "different" talk can say with satisfaction that achieves the objectives.

That accidents are detrimental gets hurt and the reason outright from us, then where do we miss ?. The key is to communicate well. Neither more nor less, it is a complete (and complex) communication exercise.

Do we explain new and motivational form of prevention?

To value preventive attitude and culture and fight unfair criticism receiving prevention.

To mark the great support which means preventing the production , quality , planning and ultimately to the benefit of the company.

To answer questions like why prevention is perceived negatively what mechanisms prevent us improve ?, Why costs meet the standards ?

And to give courageous and clear solutions , supported by exercises that help to see and set new ideas in our minds .

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